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eBay: Buy & Sell. Explore Discount Shopping Deals चे वर्णन

Buy and sell on the go with eBay. Explore discount offers on best-selling brands in categories like clothes, beauty, home, electronics & more.

Shop unbeatable Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals and save money on your online shopping with free delivery!

Search and buy great offers on your favourite items. Whether you want to upgrade to the latest iPhone or browse deals on used cars, the world of eBay is yours to explore - all on your phone!

Black Friday & Cyber Monday discount: don’t miss rock-bottom prices & unmissable bargains!

Buy and sell with eBay, the home of online shopping deals & free delivery! Top 5 reasons to download:

Beauty, home, DIY, used cars - search for offers in every category

Explore top brands in electronics like Apple & Samsung

Auction on the go: Sell items or bid on deals with ease

Sell & save: From used cars to your old iPhone, make money with unused items

Deals for Black Friday & Cyber Monday at your fingertips

Buy, sell & auction in categories like:

Clothes, fashion and outfits

Buy women's, men's and children’s clothes

Shopping deals on autumn and winter fashion

Offers on clothes, shoes and accessories for any occasion

Home, Garden and DIY

Home in need of repair? Shop DIY offers online

Explore deals on garden tools and decorations

Buy gadgets & decor for your home

Beauty & Health

Browse discount beauty deals

Shop your favourite makeup brands

Explore deals on health care

Phones, gadgets, electronics and laptop computers

Shop bestselling brands like Apple and Samsung

Buy the newest gadgets or phone at a bargain prices

Samsung Galaxy S8 or iPhone 8 from Apple? Find the best brands at the best prices

Discover eBay today! From online auction to Daily Deal, there’s something for everyone to discover.


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Your feedback & suggestions are important to us! Contact us on Twitter @askebay or www.ebay.com/android


We know you value your privacy when apps request permissions. Here is exactly how they are used:

YOUR ACCOUNTS: Keep up to date by enabling push notifications.

SYSTEM TOOLS: Let us wake up your device to send notifications, after which the device automatically returns to sleep mode.

LOCATION: Let us provide search results relevant to your location.

NETWORK COMMUNICATION: Share items with your friends or others on eBay using Near Field Communication (NFC). Just enable NFC on your device settings, hold your phone up to theirs and we’ll send the item over!

CAMERA: Scan barcodes for comparison shopping or start a new listing, take pics of an item you're listing and attach pics to eBay messages.

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